Monday, July 9, 2012

Organizing Student Supplies

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I love organization... but sometimes, when school starts and everything has to be done all at the same time, I end up settling for something that isn't my first choice.

I have tables for my students and I purchased one of those tubs from the Dollar Store for student supplies along with two smaller containers for crayons.  There weren't enough  compartments for all the supplies and it was a chore to keep clean.   At the end of the school year I put it on my Summer To Do List to come up with something better!

I am really excited with how this project turned out.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to get organized for the coming school year.  

First, here are some of the items you will need in order to get started  (I found everything at Walmart... except for the tickets- those I purchased from SchoolBox):

black tray-about $5

plastic freezer jars -about $4 for a pack of four

Tickets - about $5 for a pack (I use these for table rewards for following directions, using good manners, keeping supplies neat, etc. and at the end of the week the table with the most gets to pick a special treat such as candy, free time, or eating lunch in the room).

Maxwell House International Coffee containers 

Next, download the attachment below for the label patterns that I made to cover the coffee containers and more directions.

Download the blank template if you want to create your own covers.

Here is a picture of how the crayon boxes turned out... love them and cannot wait until the kids come with their supplies to fill these up!!!  Is it sad to get this excited over...CRAYONS??!!??

Here is another view of the organizer.  I hope you are motivated to try this and please let me know how it goes!!


P.S. I checked to see if all the links work with Google Docs.  If it doesn't look right, click file and download and it should appear normal in the pdf file.  Leave me a comment with your email address if you have any problems and I will send the files to you.


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas for organizing tables! I just found your blog thanks to "Kindergarten Network" and I'm your newest follower. Feel free to visit my blog! :)

~ Lisa
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Lisa R. said...

I love your organizing table!!! I just found your blog & I'm your newest follower! I look forward to following along & sharing ideas! :)
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