Friday, August 31, 2012

I missed my blog!!!

Wow!  Hats off to teachers who manage their classroom AND their blog!  I have neglected this poor blog since school began and I've missed it so!  Yay for long weekends!!! 

what a huge help it is to collaborate with peers!  we are incorporating the common core by reading one narrative text and one informational text to tie in our social studies / science / health standards so I created a page for the kids to use to write a response for each book. 

I plan on trying it out this week for our theme: "family and home" and hopefully it will be successful.  Here are the two books I will be reading aloud...

(click the picture to download)

I incorporated the informational format from Deanna jump’s idea and just a plain old text box with lines for the narrative story.  we will do the narrative text and left side of page one day and the informational story and right side another day. The frame (border) is from scrappin doodles and the font is hello firstie.  Hope you find this useful...if you don't have the font, just hit ctrl A and change to a font you have! It looks a mess when you open in google docs, but if you click it should look "normal".  If not, email me and I will email you the page!!!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Common Core Language Arts Posters

How can summer be gone already?!?  It feels like I just left my classroom and now we are heading back!  I must be getting older if time is flying by this quickly!! 
A few weeks ago I posted a Common Core math posters freebie and now I am posting the matching language arts posters.  These posters are for the whole year so you can store them in your lesson plan binder or post them on your classroom door!  Click the picture and enjoy.