Saturday, September 28, 2013

Christopher Columbus

Hello Blog!  

I have missed you so!  Since school has started I have been going non-stop!!!  So after several weeks of doing the “need to” things I took time Friday night to do the “want to” things.  I really needed to do something fun to remind me why I became a teacher! 

For the next two weeks we are focusing on  Christopher Columbus and I now have a super cute bulletin board with our focus words, essential questions, and an eye catching ship ready to set sail on Monday!  Land ho!!!

I have links below to download the vocabulary words, essential questions, and listening center page if you are interested!  The boat was easy to makeI just used the clipart from my listening center page as a guide!  I think I was inspired by some higher power as I cannot draw to save my life!   

Enjoy your weekend!


Amy Kazanjian said...

This is so cute! Your boat is impressive! Hope the last stretch before Christmas break goes by quickly and smoothly!

Chris Kazanjian said...

Thanks! I thought I responded to this but it didn't show! :) Mom

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