Monday, July 9, 2012

Behavior Tracking Brochure

At my school we use the RTI process which means keeping lots of data on behavior.  I created a weekly brochure  to use to track student behavior.  Based on my class schedule, I would check off whether the child met his or her goal for the time of day.  We set a reachable goal at first and worked from there to increase the challenge.  If the child got checked off reaching the goal for the majority of the class times then a bar was colored in at the bottom.  Rewards varied around what the child liked (treats, extra computer time, lunch in the classroom).  I liked this format as it gave a good picture of when the child had a hard time with behavior issues.  I printed it front and back.  I have included some kid clipart to try to match up to the student.  Click the picture to grab a copy. It looks strange in Google Docs, but when it is downloaded, it looks okay.  Enjoy!



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