Monday, July 9, 2012

Classroom Photos

(posted last year...)
Wow!  This year is off to a great start!  Kindergarten has been a blast!  I love the kids and the activities!  We go non-stop from beginning to end but I am loving every minute!  I have loved checking out all the blogs to see the great ideas!  Here are my classroom photos!  

This is my small group area.  I meet with kids here for Reading, Math, Writing, and also for art projects.  

This is a shot of our Morning Meeting area.  Our school purchased the alphabet rugs for us this year!  They are gorgeous!

This is our Writing/Art Center area.  Our Word Wall is up and ready and waiting for some words...:).

This is the Listening Center.

The Computer Center is right across from Listening.  

The Book Center has been popular this year.  It is great to stretch out on our alphabet carpet with a good book and a friend!

Our  Homeliving area is constantly in use during Free Choice Centers.  

Our Games and Puzzles Center stays busy too.  

The Art Easel Center can fit two but we have been squeezing in four with smaller sized paper.  The kids have loved creating pictures here.

Our comfy couch is another spot to share a good book with a friend, or two!

This is our cabinet space right by the front door and cubbies.  

Another shot of front door area and our para pros desk.  The white stackable drawers hole lots of our supplies like, glue sticks, crayons, markers, highlighters, rulers, glue bottles, dry erase markers and such.

Here is shot of the book bag area.  I have more stackable 3-drawers filled with craft materials.  (Ooops, my Zoo Phonics letter S is down...)  

This is the front of the class.  The table on the left is for our Social Studies/Science center.  The one on the right is our Math center.  

Another angled shot of Math Center and Computer Center.

Our Birthday shelf and months of the year.

Classroom seating.  Each table has a laminated poster taped to the middle.  We have an owl, butterfly, fish, and frog table!

One more shot of the Morning Meeting area.  My desk is behind that and the door to the bathroom and connecting classroom.

Storage area behind my desk.  Desk was too messy to photograph!  

Materials storage for daily teaching.  This is one of the ideas shared with me by my new team and I love it!  One box for each day plus a box labeled "Next Week".  As the para prepares materials, she places them in the next week box and then I move them into the days for the coming week.  I love this idea.  Initially, I was just going to use the daily boxes behind my desk but there was not enough room to store all the materials.  So I use both and feel SO organized.

Well, that is all I have for now.  As soon as I add/finish up more things in the room I will add more pics.  Please click on the photo below to go back and see more great room pictures...



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Can't wait to see the things you've been working on this summer!! Love your blog!

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